Paul Stam

North Carolina House Republican Leader

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Year Ga mountain area that is old contains advanced irrigation method(0)

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NC Supreme Court Declares Opportunity Scholarship Program Constitutional(0)

Raleigh, NC – Today, the North Carolina Supreme Court issued an opinion declaring the Opportunity Scholarship Program to be constitutional. Today’s ruling is the final decision in this case.  It cannot be appealed to the federal courts. No federal claims were raised. “Two-hundred and twenty-four schools worked with parents to allow students to attend the […] – the Astonishing Writing Service for Popular Homework Troubles(0) is a firm dealing with university writing aid. Our experts offer a competent essay writing services to undergraduates everywhere in the world. Our professionals have obtained a solid experience in ensuring of a variety of students aid. Our website assure not only assignments aid, we deal with marketing content on a preferred question. Our […]

How-to Produce a Research Paper Introduction(0)

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Party Platform Comparisons – Not a Dime’s Worth of Difference?(0)

Every year I prepare a comparison of NCGOP and NCDEM Party Platforms. I have provided the key points on the attached document. 2015 Party Platform Comparison The full platforms can be found at the following places: I hope you find this information useful. Rep. Paul Stam

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