Paul Stam

North Carolina House Republican Leader

October 17, 2014 Outrageous Op-Ed by UNC Professor On October 16, 2014 Gene Nichol, who identifies himself as the “Boyd Tinsley distinguished professor at the UNC School of Law,” published in the News & Observer his latest blast at Republicans.  While he claims to “not speak for UNC” he is paid by UNC an annual […]

TeenPact Group Photo 2014(0)

Rep. Stam with the TeenPact students in April 2014 on the North Carolina General Assembly House of Representatives Chamber floor.

Dear Editor: A letter to the editor from Rep. Stam(1)

Friends, Please take a moment a read my Letter to the Editor that I sent on Friday, October 10th. It is important to know the facts. Letter to the Editor   October 10, 2014 Dear Editor:   Yesterday I received mail from the NC Democratic Party.  While the mailer was directed against Speaker Thom Tillis, […]

A Closer Look at Pro-Life Legislation in N.C. and its Impact on Abortions(1)

Legislation has consequences. While there are many factors involved, it is difficult to say what action caused these results, but cumulatively this is what happened. Reported abortions have seen approximately a 25% reduction since 2010. With legislation put in place in 2011 and 2013, I felt a closer look at this topic was important. To […]

Information Regarding Opportunity and Special Education Scholarships(0)

For anyone interested in learning more about the opportunity scholarship grants or the special education scholarships for children with disabilities, I have listed below a link to my website that has powerpoints that provide information for parents and school administrators to help understand the process: Opportunity and Special Education Scholarship Powerpoints Please contact me at […]

Rep. Paul Stam discusses the benefits of school choice for North Carolina(0)

Click here to watch the clip. Rep. Paul Stam speaking about potential benefits of school choice for public and private schools in North Carolina, at the July 31, 2014 Friedman Legacy Freedom Lecture at the John Locke Foundation office in Raleigh.  

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