Paul Stam

North Carolina House Republican Leader

100 Days That Will Change North Carolina

North Carolina’s state government must reduce costs and regulation on business, large and small, so that they can create jobs and prosperity.

If the people of North Carolina entrust Republicans with a majority in the General Assembly on November 2, 2010, we commit to govern the State by focusing on these priorities:

  1. Years of overspending by Democrats have given North Carolina the highest tax rates in the Southeast and a budget deficit of at least $3 billion; we will balance the State budget without raising tax rates.
  2. High taxes are killing jobs. We will make our tax rates competitive with other states.

Within the first 100 days you will see us:

  1. Passing The Healthcare Freedom Protection Act, exempting North Carolinians from the job-killing, liberty-restricting mandates of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama Care).
  2. Fighting to protect jobs by keeping our Right to Work laws.
  3. Reducing the regulatory burden on small business.
  4. Funding education in the classroom, not the bureaucracy.
  5. Eliminating the cap on charter schools.
  6. Passing the Honest Election Act, requiring a valid photo ID to vote.
  7. Passing the Eminent Domain constitutional amendment to protect private property rights.
  8. Ending pay-to-play politics and restore honesty and integrity to state government.