Paul Stam

North Carolina House Republican Leader

House, Senate Approve Marriage Amendment Referendum

Raleigh – During a special session, the North Carolina House passed a constitutional amendment, 75 – 42, to let voters decide whether or not marriage should be defined as solely between one man and one woman.  Ten House Democrats joined Republicans to support the measure.  The Senate voted 30 – 16 to concur. 

The state’s first attempt to amend the constitution to define marriage was proposed in 2003 by Democrats and Republicans.  Subsequent amendments have received bi-partisan support for more than eight years but were held in committee by former House and Senate leaders. 

North Carolina is the only state in the southeast that does not have a constitutional amendment defining marriage.  Other states have acted because activist judges in other states have overturned state statutes that define marriage.  Today, legislators decided to give voters the ability to define marriage at the ballot box.

According to Forbes Magazine ranking of best business climates, eight out of the top ten states have defined marriage in their state constitution.

As business communities look for government to provide stable economic environments, protecting marriage from re-definition by the courts safeguards the freedom and flexibility to offer employee benefits based on business decisions.  It protects business from additional government-imposed benefit packages. 

The measure will now be put before voters in a statewide referendum to be held during the May primary.

7 Responses to “House, Senate Approve Marriage Amendment Referendum”

  1. Warren Harvey says:

    Thanks to all the legislators who are working hard to protect the institution of marriage that has existed since the beginning of time. Stand firm for what is true and right.

  2. Frank Blalock says:



  3. I think it is great that the people can decide through voting…I believe this is how we should also do for tax increases, wage for our government officials and any other things that affect our tax monies…Federal, State and local…thank you…

  4. Skip, I’ll tell you what I want in my State Constitution. I want an amendment that says if the State of North Carolina has to taka a citizens land or property for the good of the people of NC for a road project, railway project, airport or the like it will do so in an expeditious, fair, and respectful manor. My family has waited 15 years for NCDOT to act losing a 10 million dollar land contract in the process. Others have DIED waiting for NCDOT to act.
    I also heard last week; of a man having a heart attack during the NCDOT mediation in the attorney’s office and being rushed to the hospital. Waiting more than 5 years is crazy and there needs to be something done about it. There needs to be a time limit placed on the Map Act. This is more important than the Marriage Amendment Referendum. Governor Perdue is not one of my favorite people but I agree with what she said. In these tough economic times you have many more important things to work on than “social issues” that were already against the law anyway.

  5. My thanks to all those who supported the Marriage Amendment. It is so refreshing to see reason being applied to issues by our house and senate.

  6. Paula Stroup says:

    Thank you for placing this decision in the votes of citizens! I will do my part to ensure that politicians DO NOT make this amendment to the constitution that will erode the rights of citizens that the constitution was written to protect
    Marriage is only a CIVIL UNION granting legal rights to the people entering into the agreement – there is nothing sacred about a legal contract – be it between a man and a woman or two people of any sex!

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