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Republican Legislative Accomplishments by Policy Issue – 2011 Session(0)

Fiscal Balanced Budget:  On June 15th, 2011, the House voted 73 – 46 to override the veto of Governor Bev Perdue to balance the state’s budget.  Lowered Tax Rates:    The budget contained the largest tax rate cut in the history of North Carolina.  It makes our state more competitive with our neighbors.  It puts almost […]

Rep. Stam’s Bills – 2011 Legislative Session(0)

HB 2: Protect Health Care Freedom (Stam, Barnhart, Hollo, Murry) House failed to override veto:3/9/11 Amicus brief from NC Republican Leaders submitted to the Court of Appeals   HB 3: Exclusionary Rule/Good Faith Exception(Stam, Ingle, Faircloth) Ch. SL 2011-6:3/21/11   HB 8: Eminent Domain(Stam, Lewis, McGrady) Senate Judiciary I: 5/2/11 Will be considered by the […]