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What Happened During the 2014 Session?(0)

1. Balanced the budget for the fourth straight year without a tax increase (Appropriations Act of 2014,(SB 744)). 2. Provided the largest overall teacher pay raise in nine years by giving public school educators an average 6.92% raise (Appropriations Act of 2014, (SB 744)). 3. Funded a $1000 pay raise (plus benefits and 5 extra […]

The 2014 Dispute over Lottery Advertising Raises Some Eyebrows(0)

Raleigh, NC — During the budget development process, the House proposed to double the quantity of Lottery advertising (from 1% to 2% of revenue), but add the restrictions the House had passed 99-12 in the Honest Lottery Act (HB 156). The Senate Appropriations Committee met on June 12, 2014 to discuss lottery advertising. To continue […]

Stam’s Bills 2013-2014(0)

At the end of every session I compile a list of bills that I sponsored (or that I managed) in order to see what happened.  Many times a bill that is blocked in one way progresses or becomes law in another measure.  That is part of the legislative process.  If you have questions about any […]

Why Voters Should Support the Constitutional Amendment for Criminal Defendants to Waive Jury Trials(0)

Raleigh, NC—During the 2013 Long Session the North Carolina General Assembly passed Senate Bill 399, “Criminal Defendant May Waive Jury Trial.” If approved on November 4, 2014 the legislation will amend the North Carolina Constitution to provide that an accused person may waive the right to a jury trial and be tried by a Superior […]

2014 “Short Session” Update(2)

This was the first session in 144 years that a Republican Governor had a Republican majority in the General Assembly. We had a lot to do: While the budget has been finalized, the General Assembly still has more business to take up in 2014. We will be back in Raleigh on November 17th for a […]

North Carolina House Votes to Preserve the Child Fatality Task Force(1)

Raleigh, NC – The North Carolina House of Representatives voted 87 to 4 on Friday to remove language from House Bill 1133, “Technical and Other Corrections,” which would have eliminated North Carolina’s Child Fatality Task Force (CFTF). CFTF’s members consist of legislators, doctors, and representatives from commissions and advocacy groups from across the state. Representative […]

N.C. House Passes Clarifying Changes to Special Ed. Scholarships(0)

Raleigh, N.C. – The N.C. House of Representatives passed clarifying changes to the Special Education Scholarships for Children with Disabilities (HB 712) by a vote of 87-26. The Senate passed the bill earlier in the week by a vote of 48-0. It has been sent to the Governor for his signature. After the first semester […]

The Logic of Toll Roads(1)

 “Good tax policy decrees that wherever possible a fee for a service should be assessed against those who directly benefit from that service.”[1] Ronald Reagan The Toll Road program is an important tool to be included in the measures for building public infrastructure. Use of Toll Roads can greatly accelerate the implementation of crucial projects. […]

UNC-TV: NC Rep. Paul Stam on the Honest Lottery Act(0)

Eugenics in North Carolina(1)

Included below are portions of the longer essay “Eugenics in North Carolina.” For the full essay with citations please click here. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Today the thought of sterilizing someone against his or her will seems preposterous. How then was such a practice endorsed in the early [twentieth] century by so many well-known and well-respected philanthropists like the Rockefellers, […]