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Rep. Stam’s Bills 2011-2012 with Updates(0)

HB 2: Protect Health Care Freedom (Stam, Barnhart, Hollo, Murry) House passed by a vote of 69 to 49: 2/22/2011 Senate passed by a vote of 30 to 18: 2/16/2011 Vetoed by the Governor: 3/5/2011 House failed to override veto by a vote of 68 to 51: 3/9/11 Amicus brief from NC Republican Leaders submitted […]

Republican Accomplishments – 2012 Short Session(5)

Fiscal Balanced Budget:  On July 2, 2012 Republicans in the House and Senate overrode the Governor’s veto of the $20.17 billion budget adjusted for 2012-2013 (HB 950). This budget increased spending by 2.5% (-0.5% after inflation). No tax rates were increased. The budget provides state employees and teachers a 1.2% raise. It gives retirees a 1% […]

Update on Death Penalty Procedures (SB 416)(1)

On Wednesday, Senate Bill 416 “Amend Death Penalty Procedures” passed the House on a final vote of 73 to 47. It has now gone to the Senate for concurrence. The bill alleviates the effects of The Racial Justice Act, which essentially imposed a five to six year moratorium on the death penalty in North Carolina […]

Republican Legislative Accomplishments by Policy Issue – 2011 Session(0)

Fiscal Balanced Budget:  On June 15th, 2011, the House voted 73 – 46 to override the veto of Governor Bev Perdue to balance the state’s budget.  Lowered Tax Rates:    The budget contained the largest tax rate cut in the history of North Carolina.  It makes our state more competitive with our neighbors.  It puts almost […]

Rep. Stam’s Bills – 2011 Legislative Session(0)

HB 2: Protect Health Care Freedom (Stam, Barnhart, Hollo, Murry) House failed to override veto:3/9/11 Amicus brief from NC Republican Leaders submitted to the Court of Appeals   HB 3: Exclusionary Rule/Good Faith Exception(Stam, Ingle, Faircloth) Ch. SL 2011-6:3/21/11   HB 8: Eminent Domain(Stam, Lewis, McGrady) Senate Judiciary I: 5/2/11 Will be considered by the […]

2011 Republican Legislative Accomplishments(2)

  Notable Republican Bills Signed Into Law House Bill 36 – An act to require counties, cities and employers to use the Federal E-Verify program to verify the work authorization of newly hired employees was signed by the Governor on June 23, 2011. House Bill 92 – An act to repeal the land transfer tax […]

100 Day Plan Legislative Update(0)

 100 Day Legislative Update August 15, 2011 1.  Balanced Budget and Reduced Tax Rates  With bipartisan support, the House voted 73 – 46 to override the veto of Governor Bev Perdue. The House and Senate achieved this historic milestone on June 15, 2011.   This fulfills our first two promises to the people of North Carolina: […]

Murderers Get Another Reprieve(1)

No one will actually get relief under the act because actual racial discrimination has been illegal for decades and those with actual evidence that they have been discriminated against have been able to present those claims in court without this act. It is shameful that 61 House Democrats and 28 Senate Democrats voted for this unjust law.

Letter to the Editor: Death Deterrent(1)

On January 7, 2010, Rep. Stam responded to an article published by the News & Observer entitled, “Study: End death cases, save money” which reported on research conducted by Duke University Economist Philip Cook.  Cook attempts to show that money can be saved by the state if the death penalty is not an option for punishment.   Read Rep. Stam’s […]

61 House Democrats Vote for Racial Quotas on the Death Penalty and for a Moratorium on Executions of First-Degree Murderers(0)

On July 15, 2009 61 House Democrats voted for the “NC Racial Justice Act” SB461.  Federal and State law already prohibit racial discrimination in imposing death sentence for first degree murder (and any crime).  This bill goes far beyond that by allowing use of statistics in a particular county or district to prove that since […]