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Who Really Put a Heavy Tax Burden on the Poor?(0)

Raleigh – Harry Reid’s PAC ads claim that Republicans raised taxes for most North Carolinians. I attribute that nonsense to his poor research team. But I then get somewhat confused when I hear Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue, Senate Minority Whip Josh Stein or Senator Floyd McKissick, Black Caucus Leader claim that Republican Tax Reform [...]

Lottery Newsletter Spreads Irrelevant Information(0)

Raleigh – The North Carolina Lottery Commission announced on Tuesday, January 28, 2014, record breaking lottery sales: such sales contribute to State education funding. However, the release provides no context. This continues the lottery commission’s attempt to burnish its image despite the facts. An example of such an attempt is the commission’s October 2013 newsletter. [...]

More Crazy Attacks on Opportunity Scholarships(0)

Raleigh – Last week saw three attacks on North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarships. These scholarships provide $4,200 for low-income parents who choose private over public education. For a complete description of that program please see my PowerPoint and Misconceptions. First, on December 9, 2013 the NCAE and the left-wing NC Justice Center filed suit to stop [...]

Whopper Tales from the “Shutdown”(0)

Raleigh – Now that some time has passed since the early October “shutdown”/debt limit crisis of the federal government it is time for facts to emerge. Why? The next time this crisis occurs we will know better how to deal with it and how to understand it. Here are some commons myths: MYTH ONE: The [...]

2013 Long Session Update(0)

The General Assembly has just concluded its 2013 “Long Session.”  We will not be back in Raleigh until May 14, 2014 for a “Short Session.”  This was the first session in 144 years that a Republican Governor had a Republican majority in the General Assembly.  We had a lot to do: Budget and Taxes:  For [...]

NC General Assembly Passes Children with Disabilities Scholarship Grants(0)

Raleigh, N.C. – On Monday, the House concurred with HB 269, “Children with Disabilities Scholarships Grants,” by a vote of 90-21. The primary sponsors of the bill are Representatives Jonathan Jordan (R-Ashe), Marcus Brandon (D-Guilford), Bert Jones (R-Rockingham), and Paul Stam (R-Wake). It has been sent to the Governor for his signature. HB 269 replaces [...]

Health and Safety Law Changes Passes NC House(1)

Raleigh, N.C. – Senate Bill 353, “Health and Safety Law Changes,” passed the House by a vote of 74-41. The bill modifies laws pertaining to abortion. The abortion provisions were added to SB 353 from HB 695 and amended to address the concerns of Secretary Wos of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). [...]

Press Advisory: SB 132 – Health Curriculum/Preterm Birth(0)

Ladies and Gentlemen, In addition to the press release sent out Thursday on SB 132: Health Curriculum/Preterm Birth, I have included links to the final votes for the House and Senate. In regards to the argument that there is no scientific evidence that abortions are a risk factor for preterm birth, I have also included [...]

Health Curriculum Bill Passes NC House(0)

Raleigh, N.C. – The NC House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 132, “Health Curriculum/Preterm Birth,” by a vote of 69-42. The bill requires the School Health Education Program to include instruction on the preventable risks for preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies, including induced abortion, smoking, alcohol consumption, the use of illicit drugs, and inadequate prenatal [...]

Opportunity Scholarships Advance in State House(1)

Representative Rob Bryan North Carolina House of Representatives 536 Legislative Office Building, Raleigh, NC 27803-5925 (919) 733-5607 –  NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                    – May 29, 2013 – Raleigh, N.C. – The Opportunity Scholarship Act (HB 944) passed the House Education Committee Tuesday by a vote of 27-21. The bill has been referred to the [...]


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